Sugar-Free Gummi Fish

Once you get a taste of these fruity Sugar Free Assorted Gummi fish you'll be hooked. Soft and chewy, they're made with Malitol for tons of sweet, juicy flavor without the sugar. Made by Albanese, they feature six delicious flavors, including Cherry, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, and Green Apple. Fat free, gluten free, and sugar free, they make a great alternative to sugary treats for candy buffets, dessert bars, and goody bags. Toss them in your kid's lunch for a sweet afternoon snack and keep them in your snack drawer for a great fruity and chewy treat, any time.  

Possible Allergens: Aspartame, Coconut, Phenylalanine. Please refer to our Ingredients & Allergens page for more information.

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