Ingredients & Allergens

We do our best here to keep you informed about ingredients and possible allergens to keep you safe. On each product page, we identify what we believe to be possible allergens. In addition, we've uploaded a series of PDFs with the products nutritional information and ingredients/allergens. We're working to get this information into our database to make searching our candies even easier! Until then, the PDFs can be found by following this link: 


Ingredients & Allergens (Google Drive)

Our Packaging Process

Protecting our customers from cross-contamination is a major priority at Candy Jar. More than any other component of our business, we work diligently to isolate possible allergens from affecting other candies. Our methods for packaging candy is strategically planned and follows a "cascading allergens" schedule. Our plan surpasses the requirements by the FDA (and all WA State Health authorities) and provides strict guideline in which all of our candies are processed. Each candy is categorized by its allergen makeup, with the products with less threatening allergens handled before the more dangerous products. All equipment and surfaces undergo a thorough cleaning, wet sanitizing process and scraping. Sanitation occurs before, in between, and after each individual candy (but don't worry, none of our cleaning supplies ever touch the candy!). If you have more questions, just let us know and we'd be happy to share more information.