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Candy Jar has a wide selection of all of your favorite gummy candies from your favorite brands, as well as new ones for you to try. Fill your jar with different combinations of all your favorites, from Albanese and Haribo!

The History of the Gummi

Many people attribute the creation of the gummi bear to Hans Riegel who started selling gummi bears in the 1920s. His brand, Haribo, was created from the combination of the first two letters of his own first and last names and hometown: Hans Riegel of Bonn.

Gummi Bears were pre-dated by gelatin-based chews called wine gums, which you probably know as Jujubes and Chuckles, which were popular in Great Britain in 1909.

Before that, Turkish delight and Japanese rice candy typically made with rice or corn starch were what people ate for something sweet.

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